“I don’t understand. She trains well.” The program manager made that comment when a participant in our athletic training and weight loss program didn’t get results. I was both a coach and the lead nutritionist. His comment exasperated me. Of course she trained well. She was an expert at that because of her food issues. […]


One of the worst parts of chronic pain is that NO ONE seems to understand your agony. Mainstream doctors, friends and even family members are skeptical of the torment pain sufferers are really in. The surgeons of chronic pain sufferers just shrug and say they did their best, and we’re left with scars, the same (or […]


[Editor’s Note: I am a HUGE fan of using a transformation weight loss contest to dramatically improve your weight loss success! In fact, I personally entered two transformation weight loss contests in the past two years AND a muscle building transformation contest. This is in addition to the 2009 Lucas County (Ohio) Million Pound Challenge […]

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