How to Cure Emotional Eating

by Jon Benson on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

By Jon Benson

Worries go down better with soup.”

 – Jewish Proverb

Are you an emotional eater?

Emotions can be deadly. At least when it comes to eating.

And the VAST majority of us are “emotional eaters.” And that leads to excess bodyfat.

We eat when we are stressed-out.

We eat when we are overly happy.

We eat when we are depressed.

And when you eat like this you can kiss your fatloss goodbye.

There’s a 4-minute video that I want you to watch today. It is touching, funny, and very powerful all at the same time.

And it will help you come to terms with emotional eating. Click the link below to check it out:

Click-here =>> Bonding With Mom Over Comfort Foods

About the Author:  Jon Benson is an internationally recognized transformation lifecoach, as well as an authority on fat-burning nutrition and superior physical fitness.  He is the creator and co-author of Fit Over 40 (the #2 selling fitness e-book in the world), and the author of Simply Eat (his publisher’s fastest selling book ever) and 7 Minute Muscle which details his trademarked Power Density Training System.]

[Editor’s Comments: I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely been guilty of emotional eating. I sometimes eat when I’m sad, happy, stressed…or even just a little anxious.

My kids eat when they’re tired and want to stay awake…and I’ve done that too.

Here are a few strategies that I’ve used to overcome emotional eating…I hope you find them useful:

Find an alternative activity. It could be anything really. Go for a walk, listen to some music, clean the house, or even play a video game. Just find a little distraction to take your mind off food. I like to go out in the backyard and play basketball.

Exercise regularly. The benefits of daily exercise are numerous, including reducing stress and improving your mental outlook.

Get more sleep at night…or at least take a nap. Sleep deprivation can decrease leptin levels, a hormone that regulates how “full” you feel, and increase hunger.

Grab something healthy. If you just really need to eat something, grab a healthy snack instead of reaching for the comfort food. Be sure to have something rich in fiber and/or healthy fats. A great choice would be an apple with a handful of almonds.]

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