Can Eating Organic Carrots Help Save You Money?

by Martha Rather on May 28, 2009 · 3 comments

By Martha Rather


Yes it can!  Here are 7 ways how…

  1. Eat a raw carrot before lunch or dinner, whichever is your largest meal. Juicy carrot fiber will give you a feeling of fullness that will allow you to eat less and still feel satisfied. 
    If you have trouble chewing raw carrots, make a fast blender soup with fresh organic carrots frozen peas, and frozen broccoli. Add spices and boiling water. Blend for 2 minutes. Add 1 tsp. organic extra virgin olive oil to aid in digestion.
  2. Grate organic carrots and add them to salad. Some people prefer a salad before dinner. This gets the digestive juices flowing and results in a feeling of fullness from all the various vegetable fibers.
  3. Organic carrot fiber improves your regularity. Carrot fiber is juicy and soothing to the intestines. No need to buy expensive carrot juice. Over time you will be able to cut back on the use of laxatives which will save even more money.
  4. Organic carrots are chemical free and do not add any toxins into your body. Many people buy the small baby carrots that have the skins and the outside of the carrot grated off. That is an unnecessary expense. Others have found that the organic carrots already taste sweeter even with the skin on and only buy baby carrots occasionally for the convenience.
  5. Organic carrots are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that improve the quality of your skin. The vitamin A in carrots helps balance the pH of the skin’s surface. This will help your complexion creams work better. Since you will be using less, they will last longer thus reducing the cost.
  6. Organic carrots can be carried with you easily. A day’s worth of snacks requires no refrigeration and costs only pennies. Compare the cost of 2 carrots cut into 8 slices with several bags of chips, cookies, etc. Compare how much chewing is involved in chewing that much juicy, sweet carrot fiber. It is the chewing that brings us a feeling of satisfaction.
  7. Add ground organic carrots to baked goods. The added fiber and sweet nutrition from carrots makes it possible to use less sugar without decreasing the sweet taste.

About the Author: Martha Rather, the co-owner of Mother Nature and Son restaurant, in Albuquerque, NM, has been researching how to improve the nutritional quality of cookies and cakes for 35 years and counting.  Her new e-cookbook is entitled The Holistic Cookie — Enjoy Nutritious Time-tested Recipes, and also includes recipes for using ground organic carrots. Click here to visit Martha’s website and get a FREE copy of her famous Chocolate Chip Holistic Cookie Recipe.


[Editor’s Comments:  We love carrots in our house.  The kids eat them and they are a quick, easy and healthy alternative to processed snack foods. 


We buy both the baby carrots (because of convenience) and fresh-from-the-ground organic carrots with the skin still on.  Although, we do typically peel the skin before using them. 


We like to shred or puree the carrots and use them in baked goods.  They can be good in homemade pancakes, cookies (like Marth’s Holistic Cookie) and breads. 


Do you have any ideas for adding more carrots your diet?  Please leave us a Comment and let us know.]

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1 My Amazing Weight Loss Story May 28, 2009 at 8:08 pm

Thanks for posting, I very much enjoyed your newest post. I think you should post more frequently, you clearly have natural ability for blogging!

2 Michele May 29, 2009 at 8:45 pm

I love carrots! They are my favorite veggie to snack on. I do have to say though I only get the large carrots with the skin still on. These carrots are usually sweeter tasting than the baby carrots and not as slimy. I am going to head to the Farmers Market tomorrow morning now:) Thanks.

3 Martha Rather July 30, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Thanks for promoting healthy eating and especially the eating of organic food. I am amazed that more people have not discovered that it really does taste better – fresher and with more flavor.

In fact I think I will go have an organic carrot right now!

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