6 Thought Changing Steps to Feeling Better

by Tami Close on June 5, 2009 · 3 comments

By Tami Close


Apply New Conditioner and Change Your Thoughts


Our thoughts are so powerful and we have conditioned ourselves into a habit, a way of thinking, that serves us or it doesn’t.  When we’re in our natural state of being, we feel alive, abundant, joyous, and happy.  When we’re in our unnatural state of being, we’re worried, angry, and frustrated. 


Which state feels better?


When you think about it, we have about sixteen waking hours of thoughts that contribute to our well being.  Last year, I was teaching a class and asked the participants how many hours they were thinking from their natural state. 


Their answers really surprised me. 


Three hours was the average amount of time those participants were thinking positively, which left thirteen hours of dominant thoughts focused on negativity.  This awareness not only surprised me, but surprised the participants as well, and thus, they wanted help to change their way of thinking.


No matter what our childhood conditions were, no matter where we are currently, there is nothing more important than to raise our vibration and contribute to our own wellbeing.  It’s the health care of choice. 


Having said this, it is a moment-to-moment choice to focus on positive vibration of thought, and there are a myriad of things to use to help shift one’s vibration.  Here’s just a few:


  1. Laugh!
  2. Sing a song.
  3. Think of a pleasant memory.
  4. Use  affirmations.
  5. Imagine your life as you want it to be.
  6. Use  EFT (emotional freedom techniques). 


The goal is to sustain a high vibration of thought and live in your natural state of being.  As you keep practicing this, you will begin to notice things in your environment changing for the better. 


About the Author: Tami Close is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Certified EFT Therapist, and author of the e-books How to Look Great Naked…with the Lights On; How to Have Great Ex, A Guide to a Great Relationship with Your Ex; Girls Gone Wifi, How to Have Fun with Online Dating.  Click HERE to find out more.


[Editor’s Comments:  I’ve been experimenting with different ways to change my thought patterns during times of stress, when I’m having negative thoughts, or when I feel angry or upset.  The things that have worked best so far include:


  1. Watching funny videos on YouTube…like the Laughing Baby video I posted in an earlier article.
  2. Singing and dancing with my two youngest children.
  3. Using afformations…as opposed to affirmations. 


What do you do to help shift your focus to the positive?  Leave us a comment and let us know.]


Also, here is a video Tami wanted to share where she explains in detail how to Apply New Conditioner and Change Your Thoughts:


Tami Close – Apply New Conditioner and Change Your Thoughts


Required Legal Disclaimer: Some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However, I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.

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1 Kelly Rudolph June 5, 2009 at 8:43 am

Great article, Tami!
Just last night, a friend called when I was on a good, productive, positive roll. I asked if their topic was positive or negative because I only had time for a positive conversation since a negative one would derail my focus. They made it quick and positive and I thanked them!

It can be challenging to stay “up” with negative people around but I allow others to make the choice to switch to a positive topic or call someone else. It took me a long time to get to this point but those who don’t understand are mostly always negative and that is detrimental to both of us. I may listen for a couple minutes and help the person turn the focus to a positive solution but I avoid those who just want to complain.

We have to stay up and positive to be beneficial to our families, clients and businesses, don’t you agree?

2 GarykPatton June 16, 2009 at 12:13 am

Hi. I like the way you write. Will you post some more articles?

3 CrisBetewsky July 6, 2009 at 4:09 pm

It’s a pity that people don’t realize the importance of this information. Thanks for posing it.

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