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by Tami Close on May 19, 2009 · 0 comments

By Tami Close


“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

 – Annie Dillard


Embracing right here, right now can be one of life’s challenges.  Yet, it can also be the most freeing experience when we break free from our past focused on regrets or our future focused on worries and, hence, always looking towards an outcome.


As Eckhart Tolle eloquently says that all we have is this moment.  In addition Tolle says that if we treat the now as a means to an end, an obstacle or an enemy, we strengthen our negative reactions because we’re attached to something besides this moment.  Having said this, our thought conditioning can be such that we live in an existence of past/future, rocking back and forth in that realm.


Let me use an analogy of the past/future existence with a DVD player.  We have just put in a movie to watch and we grab the remote to take control of how we watch it.  We press play for only a moment, and then we remember an experience from the past.  This triggers some negative emotions and our finger automatically presses “rewind.“ And in our hypnotic state, our finger is stuck as we watch the movie go backwards and replays the scene by scene event that triggered the emotions.


As our hypnotic state continues, we suddenly press “fast forward,“ and thrust ourselves forward to the future because we’ve just thought of something to worry about.  In this manner, our movie shifts frame by frame as our finger is stuck on this button. 


Ouch!  Can you imagine watching a movie and constantly pressing either the rewind or the fast forward button?  It would make for a very frustrating experience, wouldn’t it?


This is the scenario we set up every time we don’t press “play,“ and live in the moment of right now.   Once we embrace right now, we do an activity for the sheer pleasure of it.  We are inspired, we are motivated and we lose ourselves in the doing because we feel good, we feel happy, we feel joy.   It’s not what we do, but the essence of why and how we’re doing something.  We don’t look towards the future, at an outcome, and say, “I’m doing X because then I’ll get Y, and when I get Y, I’ll be happy.” 


Our happiness exists right now as we embrace fun, laughter, imagination and play.  Just like children play for the sheer pleasure of playing, as adults we can remember this innate gift and Just Press Play.


About the Author: Tami Close is a Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Speaker, Certified EFT Therapist, and author of the e-books How to Look Great Naked…with the Lights On; How to Have Great Ex, A Guide to a Great Relationship with Your Ex; Girls Gone Wifi, How to Have Fun with Online Dating.  Click HERE to find out more.


[Editor’s Comments:  So how are you spending your life?  Are you regretting something that happened in your past?  Are you worried about the future?   

Doesn’t it make so much more sense to “just press play” and start actually LIVING your life?

I believe this focus is especially critical today – with all of the bad news we are constantly being bombarded with.  I’m willing to bet if you focus on living a happy and fulfilled “now,” you’ll end up being pretty happy and fulfilled in the future too.

Please leave us a Comment and let us know what you think.]

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