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We at The Healthy Minute believe the following things are important for excellent health:

  • Consumption of organic “whole” foods, including lean protein sources, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.
  • Drinking purified water.
  • Engaging in a regular exercise program consisting of short-duration/high-intensity cardio and strength training intervals.
  • Regular exposure to natural sunlight.
  • Reduction of stress.
  • Avoidance of toxins.
  • Targeted nutritional supplementation.

Click any of the product categories listed below to see our comprehensive list of recommended health products, nutrition programs and meal plans, fitness and weight-loss programs, and nutritional supplements.

I personally use or have reviewed each and every product listed on these page…and I honestly believe they will help improve your health.

I wouldn’t recommend them if they didn’t work…and if they are listed on this page, then they passed “the Mom Test.”

This means…

I feel good enough about these products to recommend them to my own Mother…so you can feel good about them too.

So go ahead and check out the recommended resources listed below. If you would like us to review something you heard about, such as an exercise product, nutritional supplement, health & wellness book, other websites, etc., just submit your questions via our Ask Us page.

Recommended Health Products
These are some the exact same products that I personally use to help decrease stress, improve mood, sleep better, develop my abs, build muscle, lose fat, and improve cardio fitness. Read more…

Recommended Nutrition Programs and Meal Plans
There is a saying in the fitness industry…”You can’t out train a bad diet.” No matter how hard you workout, you’ll NEVER have the healthy physique you desire with poor eating habits. These programs are PROVEN to help you burn fat, build muscle or just improve you overall health, energy and vitality. Read more…

Health Supplements
Because sometimes nutrition and exercise are just not enough! These food and nutritional supplements are some of the best I know to improve health, burn fat faster, etc. Read more…

Recommended Fitness Programs
These programs are great for improving overall physcial fitness, building muscle and burning fat. I highly recommend you follow one of these fitness programs on a regular basis. Read more…

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