Eat More Protein to Increase Your Metabolism And Decrease Your Appetite

by Tom Venuto NSCA-CPT CSCS on May 27, 2010 · 3 comments

By Tom Venuto, NSCA-CPT, CSCSProtein Sources

There have been countless studies performed on the role of protein in the muscle growth process to try and determine exactly how much protein you should consume to build muscle mass. Recently, several studies have looked at the role that dietary protein plays in helping you lose fat, and more importantly, helping you keep it off!

One thing scientists have discovered is that eating lean protein foods is important for regulating body composition because it decreases your appetite.

In a 2003 study reported in the journal, Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition And Metabolic Care (2003; 6(6): 635-638), protein was shown to be more satiating (made you feel fuller) than both carbohydrates and fat both in the short term and the long term.

Eating more lean protein foods has also been proven as an effective strategy to help you burn fat and keep it off because of something called, “dietary thermogenesis” (also known as the thermic effect of food).

In a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2005 (93(2): 281-289), researchers followed a group of 113 overweight subjects after 4 weeks of a very low calorie diet, through a 6 month period of weight maintenance. The subjects were divided into a protein group or a control group. The protein group was simply given an extra 30 grams of protein per day on top of their usual diet.

The researchers found that during weight maintenance, the group with the higher protein intake was less likely to regain the lost weight, and any weight gain in the protein group was lean tissue and not fat. The results were attributed to higher thermic effect and a decrease in appetite.

Although calories will always be the bottom line when it comes to fat loss, studies such as these are confirming what bodybuilders have known for a long time: That calories are not the only factor that can influence your body composition. Your protein intake and your ratios of protein relative to carbohydrate and fat can clearly play a key role in helping you lose fat and keep the fat off.

It’s interesting that such positive results were achieved in studies where protein was increased so conservatively – as little as 30 additional grams of protein per day or a 20% increase above traditional protein recommendations.

The take home lesson is simple:

If you remove some carbs and put in some protein – nothing too radical; even as little as trading 30 grams per day of carbs for 30 grams of lean protein – this small change in your diet may decrease your appetite, decrease your body fat and help you keep the fat off after you lose it.

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1 glyconutrients May 27, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Interesting… I own but in Spanish ( I wanted this one, but obviously it’s taken. XD

I like the article… Thank you. On March fourth I read a report on Medline Plus (an NIH website) that reported on a study about isoleucine (an amino acid) being given to rats on high fat diets and the rats accumulating something like half the fat than the control group that was only fed a high fat diet without the amino acid.

Here’s the summary I wrote up for it:

The author doesn’t mention it, but studies have also reported that eating proteins at breakfast helps fight hunger and food cravings for most of the day.

Kevin :: Glyco Trainer
Twitter: @glycotrainer
Web Site:

2 Pete May 29, 2010 at 12:10 am

Thanks Kevin…interesting summary! I was thinking of adding a BCAA supplement to my nutrition plan and isoleucine is always one of the amino acids included. Also, I agree with the studies about eating proteins (and healthy fats) at breakfast to help fight food cravings the rest of the day.

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