Healthy Weight Loss Diets Include Tuna

by Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS on March 11, 2010 · 4 comments

By Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS

When people think of healthy eating guidelines, they tend to shy away from tuna, thinking it won’t help them lose fat.  However, the opposite is true.  Tuna contains protein and Omega 3 fats, which are included in healthy weight loss diets to increase fat-burning.

If you usually eat tuna with mayonnaise, which is high in fat, here is a healthy eating tip for you to try. 

About the Author: Jayson Hunter RD, CSCS is a registered dietician, weight management expert and personal trainer. He has over 10 years of experience teaching and educating individuals on how to live a healthier life through nutritional modifications and proper supplementation. To discover how to eat healthier and lose weight fast, check out Jayson’s programs at Weight Loss Made Easy and The Carb Rotation Diet.

[Editor’s Comments: Here is my variation of the recipe for a Healthy Tuna Salad Lunch from Jayson’s video so you can print it out. I hope you enjoy it!

Healthy Tuna Salad Lunch – Simple, Quick & Delicious

Mix 1 can tuna packed in water with:

1 Tbsp. Reduced Fat Greek Yogurt (or add more if you like it extra creamy)

Any spices you like (I use salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, & thyme)

1 Tbsp. Relish (optional)

1 Hard Boiled Egg – Chopped

Spread tuna mixture onto celery stalks for a high protein / low carb meal.]

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1 Carol March 14, 2010 at 3:38 pm


Hey, very neat recipe. Love both Greek yogurt and tuna, and the idea of adding all the spices, plus the egg, then using the celery stalks instead of bread or crackers…that’s nice. Thanks for sharing!

2 Don March 14, 2010 at 8:47 pm

Tried this out, yesterday. I had never heard of Greek yogurt before reading the article and watching the vid. I did not use relish and only used salt and pepper for the spices. This was not too bad, and was even better when I ate it on rye triscuits with a slice of avocado on top. Thanks for the tip, Pete! Next time I’ll try it with the cayenne and thyme.

3 Pete March 15, 2010 at 1:09 am

Hi Carol,

You are very welcome…I hope you enjoy it!

~ Pete

4 Pete March 15, 2010 at 1:10 am

Glad you liked it Don. Try spreading it on celery stalks too…it adds some flavor and a nice “crunch” to the meal!

~ Pete

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